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Azoxy Duo 32.5 SC

Azoxy Duo 32.5 SC is a fungicide comprising of two active ingredients – Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole.

A broad spectrum fungicide to control mainly foliar fungal diseases such as Alternaria leaf spot and Frogeye in Tobacco, Early blight in Potatoes and Tomatoes and Frogeye in Soyabeans. It is recommended in a spray sequence or alternation with fungicides with different modes of actions. Apply blocks of 2-3 sprays of AZOXY DUO 32.5 SC in alternation with blocks of 2-3 sprays of the other products.

AZOXY DUO 32.5 SC is compatible with most fungicides, insecticides and acaricides with the exception of products containing heavy metals. However, since compatibility can be adversely affected by the quality of the water used in the mixture, the manufacturer recommends that a trial mixture be done using the water intended for spraying.

Apply as a full cover spray (200-600 Litres/ha in potatoes & Tobacco; 200-1000 Litres/ha in tomatoes, 120-140 Litre/ha in soyabeans) on a preventative basis. Avoid run-off. Make sure the equipment is properly calibrated to give even distribution throughout the target area. DO NOT spray during the hot hours of the day, if the foliage is wet or if rain is expected within 2 hours.